'The Bass player's function, along with the Drums, is to be the engine that drives the car. Everything else is merely colours'  - Suzie Quatro

Live Online Bass Guitar Lessons

Our approach
The average listener may not really notice the Bass at first, until you take it away, and then music just doesn't make sense. Bass is everything.
The rhythm section of a band are the people that make you get up off your chair and move to the music. Great Bass players lay that groove down so masterfully that it moves not just your body but your soul too. Truly great Bass players can feel like an orchestra all by themselves.
If you're looking for Online Bass Guitar lessons then look no further. We believe in training all-round musicians and base what we do around the following five subjects whilst keeping it fun! 
It's really all about that Bass.
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Monday-Friday 10.00am-8.30pm

Saturday 10.00am-8:30pm


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